We held a trial session for using GrabShell.

We held a trial session for using GrabShell.

In order to let people experience GrabShell as soon as possible,
we held a GrabShell trial event at b8ta Tokyo - Yurakucho event space on May 6 (Sat.) and 7 (Sun.).

This is not an official release version, but a prototype version,
and we were able to offer users the opportunity to try it out for the first time!

Thank you very much for coming.
Thankfully, the day was exciting from start to finish, and the response far exceeded our expectations.

We conducted a survey of those who had participated in this experience and asked for their responses!


Photo: GrabShell booth crowded throughout the day



We conducted a survey this time, and 37 people responded,
giving us very high marks from those who participated in the hands-on experience.


On a 5-point scale, 86.5% of respondents gave the highest "satisfied" rating, with the remaining 13.5% giving the second highest "somewhat satisfied" rating.


Reasons for being satisfied or somewhat satisfied 


The reasons for the evaluation were,

  1. I was able to try it out beforehand (29.4%)
  2. The experience was interesting (29.4%)
  3. The explanation was easy to understand (20.6%)

We found that not only the experience, but also the staff on the day of the tour was highly rated.

In addition, the following comments were also made by the respondents,

"I was able to get used to it faster than I expected."
"I was looking for a keyboard that I could use with my Nreal Air, and the experience was great."

 Photo: The audience was able to experience a world that completely eliminates the need for displays using AR glasses Nreal Air and GrabShell.


Attractive parts of GrabShell

 "I was reassured that both the size and placement of the keys were not perverted, but at a level that would be practical."
"The grip side (index finger to pinky finger side) is easy to type on. It was easier to type than my current keyboard once I got used to it."

We found that more than half of the participants appreciated the functional aspect of the keyboard,
rather than its appearance or coolness.

There were also concerns about whether people would be able to use GrabShell in the small amount of time available for the hands-on experience,
but in fact some people were able to use it within 10 to 20 minutes of starting to use it on the day,
providing an opportunity for those who experienced it to prove that GrabShell can be used surprisingly quickly.


*We were all surprised to see someone who was able to use the system in less time than the developer....

Improvements to GrabShell

We received many suggestions for improvement.

"I would have liked the belt to be a little lower."
"The body should be a little thinner if possible.It would be better to have a touchpad instead of a trackball."

We received very specific feedback on the size, parts, and other aspects of the product.

We will take them seriously and release GrabShell officially,
We will take them seriously and make adjustments until the end when we can deliver the official release version.


When you want to use GrabShell

  1. Daily or usual work (62.5%)
  2. In an unusual posture (15.6%)
  3. VR (15.6%)

This was the result of the survey.
We thought that most people would use GrabShell when playing games,
but we received many comments from people who wanted to use it in a different posture than usual and on a daily basis.

"For coding, work, etc."
"I wanted to use it on a daily basis, including for work. I especially want to use it with VR devices."

Many of the respondents thought the functional aspect of the product was appealing and that it was likely to be useful from a practical standpoint.

This was a fully-filled experience, and we were pleased that most of the people who came were able to leave happy.
Although we are currently in the reservation stage, we will continue to make every effort to offer GrabShell to everyone based on the feedback we received.

We hope that many people will be able to experience the appeal of GrabShell
through this hands-on experience and that they will be interested in purchasing GrabShell.

Please continue to look forward to GrabShell!





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