Most frequently asked questions


Can I change my shipping address after purchase?

It is possible before the product is shipped.
Please provide us with your order number, name, and preferred address. If your order has not been shipped, we will change the shipping address.

Can I change the color after purchase?

It is possible before the product is shipped.
If you wish, please provide us with your order number and name. We will make the change if the order is placed before the product is shipped.

What areas are available for delivery?

Currently, only 10 countries (USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong (China), Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, and India) can be selected as shipping destinations on this site. If you are in any other country or region and would like to purchase Grab Shell, please contact us.


What is happening with the full amount settled instead of the deposit?

We have confirmed that this is a bug in the sales collaboration application.
Once you wish to pay only the deposit, we will cancel your order once and you will need to place a new order.

I received an AmazonPay error. How do I make a purchase?

This error occurs when your Amazon Pay account provider does not support cross-border e-commerce sites.
The following measures are available

(1) Obtain an overseas Amazon Pay account.
(2) Use other Express services.
(3) Register your credit card directly without using Express service.

You can make a purchase by either of the following methods.


Is this keyboard not wireless?

GrabShell supports both wireless and wired connections via Bluetooth.
We recommend using the wired connection for situations that require low latency such as online games.

Is it a blank keycap?

We have blank key caps option.
Let us know if you want Grab Shell with blank key caps.
Please your order number when you send us the message.

Can I replace the keycaps with commercially available ones?

Yes, you can replace the keycaps with commercially available ones. At first, it was not possible to do so, However, due to many requests, we have changed it.

Is it waterproof?

No waterproof function.

Is Hot Swap (key axis replacement) possible?

Yes, possible.


Are there any additional videos, etc.?

We are currently preparing some videos for marketing purposes and are creating content to help users learn more about Grab Shell.
We will be adding videos of scenes in use as we review them internally, so please check back regularly.


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