Warranty Policy

In accordance with the Warranty Regulations, we will repair or replace, free of charge, any malfunction or defect of our product "GrabShell" in lieu of repair. In the unlikely event that the Product has an initial defect, please contact us at the designated contact address set forth in Article 4 within 7 days of delivery of the Product (if you do not contact us within 7 days of delivery, we will not be able to respond to you for the initial defect). Please read these regulations in their entirety. Please note that we do not reissue warranty cards.

This warranty covers the GrabShell only and does not cover accessories such as adapters.
This warranty begins when the product is delivered to the first end-user and ends 1 year later on the day before the anniversary date. The Warranty Period will not be changed even if the Product is replaced by us or our distributor during the Warranty Period due to initial defects or other reasons.
We will repair or replace this product free of charge in the event of electrical or mechanical failure (hereinafter referred to as "natural failure") that occurs in spite of normal use in accordance with the instruction manual and notes for this product. There is no limit to the number of times this warranty can be used.

2.Warranty Coverage
This warranty does not cover the cost of consequential or indirect losses, or costs associated with, for example, losses due to inability to operate the product.

3.Providing alternatives
If the repair cost is deemed excessive or unrepairable, the Company shall substitute the repair by providing the same or equivalent model specified by the Company as an alternative. The customer may not specify the model or other specifications when providing the substitute product.

4.Request for Repair
1. In the event of a natural failure of the Product during the warranty period, the Customer may contact the following for repair requests.
E-mail: info@grabshell.io
2. The customer shall follow the contact information set forth in the preceding paragraph, pack the product to the same standard as when purchased to prevent damage to the product during transportation, and send the warranty card and the requested repair product to the designated destination. If any item other than those specified by us is enclosed, we may dispose of it by any method we deem appropriate, and you agree to such disposal in advance.

5.Reasons for exclusion from warranty
The following cases are not covered by this warranty even during the warranty period
(1)The product is used or installed in a manner contrary to that described in the instruction manual, notes, etc.
(2)Any modification to the software
(3)If there is a discrepancy between the information on the warranty card (information registered for this product) and the item requested for repair
(4)If you request repair of the Product other than in accordance with the repair request procedures described in Article 4.
(5)If the warranty card is not presented, or if any of the specified items on the warranty card is not filled out or has been falsified, such as rewriting the wording.
(6)Does not apply to products with corrupted or altered serial numbers
(7)When the adjustment, cleaning, setting change, etc. that does not involve the replacement of parts of the Product fall within the scope of the Product.
(8)Defective consumables (i.e., components expected to require periodic replacement, including but not limited to carrying cases, cables, etc.), or use beyond the expected life of the consumable in question
(9)If the part does not interfere with normal use and falls within the scope of age-related deterioration
(10)Damage that does not affect the function or use of the product (fading, discoloration, rust, or other similar reasons on the exterior, etc.)
(11)If the failure or damage of this product is caused by moving the installation location, dropping, etc.
(12)If this product is damaged, scratched, rusted, or moldy due to use under severe conditions (high temperature, high humidity, etc.) that we do not anticipate or use that significantly deviates from normal usage (e.g., continuous use for a long period of time)
(13)If the repair request is made after the expiration of the warranty period
(14)If the failure or damage of the Product is caused, directly or indirectly, by any of the following reasons
・Malfunction or damage to the Product caused by inadequate maintenance or management of the Product, improper repair of the Product, or modification or disassembly of the Product
・Alteration or discoloration due to external factors such as animals, plants, etc. (insect, bird, or mouse bites, insect, bird, or mouse infiltration, etc.) or other similar reasons
・If caused by drop, vibration, shock, external pressure, water damage, liquid contamination, battery leakage, etc.
・Fire, lightning, explosion, or accidental and external causes such as falling, flying, collision, or collapse of objects from outside
・Earthquake, tsunami, eruption, crustal movement, land subsidence, water damage, wind damage, other natural disasters, gas damage, salt damage, pollution, abnormal voltage, power supply other than specified, etc.
・Accidents caused by radioactive, explosive or other harmful properties of nuclear fuel materials (including spent fuel, hereinafter the same shall apply) or materials contaminated by nuclear fuel materials (including atomic fission products), or by these properties
・War, use of force by a foreign power, revolution, seizure of power, civil war, armed insurrection, or other similar incident or riot (a situation in which the peace is seriously disturbed by a crowd or a large number of people and is recognized as a serious situation in terms of maintaining security)
・Arising from the exercise of public authority by the State or a public entity, etc.
・Those resulting from the customer's intentional or negligent acts or violations of laws and regulations
(15)Theft, misplacement, loss, fraud, embezzlement, or any other case in which the existence of the Product cannot be confirmed
(16)If we are able to determine that the product was damaged during transportation due to inadequate packaging at the time of shipment of the product for repair
(17)If the malfunction cannot be reproduced when you request repair of this product
(18)When replacing the accessories of this product (TypeC-USB cable, etc.) or consumables (batteries, etc.) specified by us.
(19)If the failure or damage is caused by a malfunction or incompatibility of this product or a product other than this product
(20)Any indemnification or insurance coverage other than this Warranty
(21)In any other cases where we reasonably determine that it is inappropriate for you to receive this warranty.

6.Order discrepancy
If you discover that the product or color is not what you ordered, please submit a photo of the product and serial number included. This must be notified within 7 days of receipt of product.

7.Obligation to comply
If a customer violates any provision of these Terms and Conditions and causes or may cause significant damage to our provision of this Warranty, the customer may not receive this Warranty even during the Warranty Period.

February 1, 2023


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